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More data on the effect of distance from the sea

This note was posted to the Titanium Bolting FB Group 16 January 2020

Today I measured spot sulphates at three points on the set of cliffs containing Diamond Cave, ending with a sample from Diamond Cave North climbing area itself. All showed zero levels as I would expect for a crag 300m from the sea. I’d guess the chloride levels would be similarly low, but have no measurements.

I took some photos of some of the old hardware still present on this crag. Although SS glue-in staples have be added, in many cases the original bolts are still in place. One bolt in particular I remember whipping onto repeatedly some 12 years ago still looks perfect to me. There are a number of galvanised steel bolts fitted with SS hangers that look to be in perfect heath.

This is not a corrosive cliff, and the zero sulphate levels would seem to align with this fact. Some of the 304SS here must be approaching 20 years in age.

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