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Go-slow at Crag Chemistry

Since the last post, events have overtaken your host that mean the already slow rate of posting is going to be even slower.

Some three months ago I demonstrated my long held thesis that old climbers simply don’t see height as a hazard, and I took a long fall off an easy un-roped section I have climbed many times before over many decades.

Unfortunately I did severe damage to my frontal lobes, but, miraculously I seem to have recovered most function. Most importantly, the Crag Chemistry pertinent locations seem to have survived and progress seems possible.

I have part written, a report which follows on with a further examination of the 6 bolts from Cabo da Roca. In this report I take a close look at evidence for hydrogen embrittlement, and attempt to relate what we observe with the current mechanistic explanations of the phenomenon.

I’m optimistic I can get at least this much done.

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