Short Report

Not all 304 SS is the same

This is so, even for a matching nut and bolt Thanks to Luis Fernandes Silva for providing the sample. It is not possible to talk sensibly of corrosion resistance without reference to the specific environment that is to be resisted.Whilst it is true we might not see performance differences between commercial samples of 304 SS […]

Quick Note

Nice Bar Stock – pay much for it?

A tale of poor materials quality control. I needed a couple of samples of 304 for the development work I was doing, so I cut them from the threaded end of the bolt illustrated below. It’s nothing special, just a random sample from my large collection of old, glue-in, machine bolts extracted from crags around […]

In Depth Investigation

Austenite stability – are we missing something here?

The title should be fair warning. This one is going to get geeky. If an anchor component is at all attracted to a strong magnet, don’t install it at a crag with a reputation for eating hardware. If you asked your supplier for 316, yet find the product is attracted to a strong magnet, don’t […]